nurse_barbacciWe’d like to introduce you to Marguerite Barbacci, a key member of the ALN Consulting team. Marguerite has over 20 years of nursing and legal nurse consulting experience covering maternal-infant nursing, home health, and clinical research.

Marguerite’s nursing career started soon after she received her BSN from The University of Akron and an MPH (epidemiology) from The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and Hygiene. Her clinical career centered on maternal-infant nursing, both in the hospital setting and as a home health nurse before she transitioned to clinical research. Her research focused on infectious diseases, with a concentration in STIs and AIDS in pregnancy. Marguerite worked in clinical research for 9 years until she became a legal nurse consultant.

In 1991, Marguerite became a legal nurse consultant and worked in-house for both plaintiff and defense firms. She joined AALNC soon after and was among the first group of LNCs to pilot and then achieve the LNCC certification in 1998. As she continued to pioneer the field of LNC, she became an Associate Editor of the 2nd edition of the Principles and Practice of Legal Nurse Consulting, and was on the editorial board of the Journal of Legal of Nurse Consulting and as the journal editor-in-chief between 2004-2005.   Marguerite did not stop there, between 1999 – 2002, Marguerite helped establish the LNC Associate Degree program at Baltimore City Community College and taught two core LNC courses in the program.

Her vast experience as a LNC and instructor makes her an invaluable asset to the ALN team. Marguerite is always willing to help with research of complex medical issues, basics of report writing and general questions regarding ALN procedures and report preparation. She also leads ALN’s mentorship program, truly a great leader!