We’d like to introduce you to Teressa Knapp Crawford, a member of the ALN Consulting team. Teressa has over 20 years of home health, med-surg and long term care nursing experience.

After becoming an RN in 1992, Teressa worked in home health, after a short time as a med-surg nurse in a rural hospital. In 1994, she transitioned to Assistant Director of Nursing for a long term care facility. Soon afterwards, she would be promoted to Director of Nursing. Her leadership experience as the Director of Nursing paved the way for her to become a legal nurse consultant.

In 2001, she began working as a risk management consultant in long term care reviewing and auditing major systems which could put facilities at risk for malpractice litigation or loss of malpractice liability insurance. Her entry into legal nurse consulting began in the fall of 2015, as she reviewed product liability cases on a part-time basis. By 2016, Teressa would start working with ALN, reviewing LTC cases.

Having worked from both sides of the table in long term care, as DON and as risk management consultant, Teressa is an invaluable asset to the ALN team.