The ALN Consulting Nurse Mentorship Program

ALN is a nationwide network of legal nurse consultants devoted to elevating the quality, consistency and reliability of medical-legal consulting services to attorneys for medical malpractice, long-term care, product liability, class action/mass litigation, and toxic tort cases. Founded in 2002, ALN Consulting is comprised of passionate nurses with the highest certifications and accreditations in the nursing field.

As part of our commitment to quality, ALN Consulting has developed a proprietary training process that leverages the expertise of some of the most elite Legal Nurse Consultants in the country.

All of ALN Consulting’s nurses participate in the mentorship program. ALN’s nurses come from diverse clinical backgrounds, exhibit superb communication skills, and have a passion for delivering quality, consistent, and reliable information to the clients we serve. As part of the ALN mentoring program, the nurses participate in a ten-part video series and log a minimum of 160 training hours, while partnered with an experienced mentor from our nurse leadership team.

The Video series highlights include training in ALN specific reporting formats, how to effectively and efficiently break down the medical record, review of the fundamentals of medical-legal analysis including how the elements of negligence apply to case review, standard of care and medical issue research, principals of organization and time management, etc.

Training hours consist of hands-on case reviews, where active files are reviewed. They collaborate with the mentors on case fact patterns and determining the best report sets to convey necessary info to the client. Mentors evaluate the final review, providing feedback and guidance on necessary additions/modifications. Nurses work together until work product is satisfactory. Writing skills are evaluated for professionalism, clarity, grammar, etc.

Throughout the video series and hands-on training, our nurses are partnered with an experienced mentor from our nurse leadership team. As a legal nurse consultant, it is crucial to be able to effectively communicate with attorneys and meet the needs of the case at hand. Mentors help coach our newer legal nurse consultants on how to most effectively research, review and organize collected data from medical charts and present it in a format that attorneys can easily understand.

The benefits of this mentorship program translate back to our clients by ensuring that attorneys can trust that their records review is thorough, precise, and focused; giving you only what you need. Working with ALN Consulting means partnering with the most experienced legal nurse consultants. We provide our clients with thorough hands-on records review resulting in the assurance that all angles of research have been covered and that they are getting the best possible data for their defense.

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