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Our Process

Many attorneys and insurers lack the time, resources and expertise to thoroughly review lengthy medical records. Legal teams regard ALN Consulting’s reports as their secret weapon. They depend on ALN Consulting for an accurate, comprehensive portrayal of the facts. Our meticulously constructed, professional evaluations hit the high notes without drowning the reader in data.

Our  legal nurse consulting process goes beyond data summarization by collaborating with the legal team to strategize their defense. We break down colossal medical documents into straightforward and usable information.

Using insight, experience and clinical judgment our legal nurse consultants assess the strengths and weaknesses of each issue, and deliver a roadmap to effectively guide each case. In turn, our clients are confident there are no surprises in the courtroom.

To learn more about our process, read our recent medical malpractice case study .

What Others Are Saying

“Whether we are defending a small facility in Minnesota or a large corporate facility in Kentucky, ALN ensures that each review is methodical and complete. The ALN system uses the nursing process to evaluate every important issue in each individual case. – Elizabeth Murray BSN, RN, LNCC”

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