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Our Specialties

The longer a case continues, the more costly it becomes. ALN Consulting’s diverse experience and comprehensive reporting helps legal teams spot the potential pitfalls that could dramatically alter the outcome of a case and achieve favorable resolutions in a finite amount of time.

Decades of nursing experience are essential in the analysis of cases. Our legal nurse consultants break down complicated medical records into easily comprehensible formats. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the case from a clinical standpoint, we help our clients develop a fail-safe defense strategy.

Our specialties include the evaluation of matters in the areas of Opioid Prescribing, Healthcare Fraud, Medical Malpractice, Long Term Care, and Personal Injury. Click the images below to get more detail on each area of expertise.

What Others Are Saying

“We have worked with ALN for a long time and they know what we need to keep the lawyers and experts out of the records redundantly. I am convinced that working with ALN has saved money. I am also convinced it allows us to know our strengths and weaknesses more quickly. D. Miller, Managing Partner, Defense Firm”

Our Specialties Breakdown

Decades of nursing experience are essential in the analysis of medical malpractice cases. The ALN Consulting team has more than 346 collective years of clinical nursing expertise across more than fourteen disciplines ranging from risk management to medical malpractice and long term care.  The chart below shows the breadth of ALN Consulting’s expertise.

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